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Microsoft store, its first in Canada, is scheduled to open at Yorkdale mall in Toronto

Grand Opening: November 16th, 2012

The design of the Microsoft stores in the U.S. incorporates many of the elements that made Apple stores a hit – gleaming wood floors, lots of glass and products to sample. Microsoft has added big comfy chairs and benches to the décor in the U.S. locations.

At Apple stores, customers stand at counters featuring tethered Apple products.

Jason Dubroy, vice president, shopper marketing, DDB Canada, said the Microsoft move isn’t surprising, given that malls still draw crowds, including Baby Boomers, who still control about 60 per cent of all dollars spent in Canada.

While many are savvy online shoppers, others prefer the look, feel and service of a physical shopping environment.

But Dubroy said Microsoft is late to the game, both in the tablets and bricks-and-mortar stores.

“They will need to be able to differentiate their experience proposition quickly… or they won’t see the sales-per-square-foot traction they will need to justify expansion.”

“I think a retail presence is a logical next move,” said John Gerzema, executive chairman of BAV consulting. “Microsoft has gained a lot of consumer momentum over the past year with popular products like Kinect (for Xbox 360) and now, tablets.

“Among Canadians in our Brand Asset Valuator (BAV) surveys, Apple is seen as trendier and more progressive. But Microsoft outperforms Apple on being more trusted and caring for customers. The challenge of course, will be to define a retail experience that stands apart from Apple.”

The Apple store design was revolutionary when it was launched in 2001 as a spare and serene environment for customers to test-drive Apple products. It was conceived by Ron Johnson, the man behind the bubbly Target brand, which is set to enter Canada in 2013.

I am excited to this new store opening. Competition is good!

ber 16th, 2012
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